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Resin Clock Class - Mixed Media

How to make a Resin Clock

Resin Art Class - Full Step by Step Online Lessons

Have you ever wondered how to create your own resin clock with a unique mixed media design or are you struggling to figure out how to attach the clock numbers or mechanism? Then this class is perfect for you!


In this full step by step recorded online class you will learn how to make a stunning, unique wall clock using mixed media with easy to follow simple instructions and all of the tips and tricks you will need. Enhance your resin art skills or begin creating your own beautiful home decor without making costly mistakes.
PLUS New lessons will be added to this course monthly so you can can continue to learn and improve your skills. A fantastic class, not to be missed!
This course currently consists of 4 distinct sections detailing the creation process of your clock from start to finish. Starting with the layout and preparation of the base and ending with the installation of the fittings and mechanisms. 
 - Creating a layout
 - Preparing the basis for work
 - Working with acrylic 
 - Stylish decor made from table salt
 - Creating accents in your work
 - How to get the perfect glossy finish
 - Secrets and nuances when installing accessories
 - Processing of the back surface of the product

    Join Alina (@monnavia.artist) and have fun creating plus enhance your resin art skills in the comfort of your own home. Alina is an experienced and talented Resin Artist from Ukraine with a strong following on her social media accounts and a strong customer base for her creations. Loved for her creativity and trend setting designs. 

    A message from Alina... 

    I am an artist by education, but this is not the main thing in working with resin, absolutely everyone can learn this art. I will be happy to introduce you to the world of Resin Art - a boundless space for creativity, in which there is a lot of beauty and the unknown! Ready? An exciting journey awaits us.

    After purchase a link will be emailed to you to gain access to the class via Instagram. The class is in English and available for you to watch 24/7 and as many times as you wish. Can be accessed worldwide. 

    *PLUS You will receive an exclusive 20% discount to stock up on supplies from our website to prepare you for the class : ) *

    Resin Art Class

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