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Apex Resin UV

Apex Resin® UV is a fast cure, crystal clear and non yellowing UV Resin Kit. Curable under UV lamp or natural sunlight, this one component (no mix!) resin is perfect for jewellery, Bezels, Casting, Doming and more.

Why Choose Apex Resin UV?

Apex Resin® UV is a one component UV / Sunlight curable resin perfect for a wide range of applications. Thanks to a fast cure time under UV lamp, anti-yellowing properties, no shrinkage and glass like finish, it is perfect for resin jewellery, bezel setting, small castings, doming, sealing, bonding and more. Apex Resin UV is super easy to use, requiring no mixing. Just pour and cure under a UV lamp making resin applications a breeze, producing a water clear, scratch resistant, bubble free finish.

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