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Which resin should I choose?

Apex Resin Guide

One of our most frequently asked questions is - Which resin is best for my project?

We have put together a quick reference guide to help you to select the best resin for you. 

Apex Resin Guide


Need further help?

No problem! We believe that selecting the best resin depends on the features of each resin and if they suit the application you plan to use them for.

Across our resin ranges we can cater for all projects, so we are sure you will find a resin that is right for you. However, often more than one of our resins can be suited for different projects.

So to help you decide and to take the confusion out of things…Think about your project and decide what features of resin are important to you?

Visit the link below for further guidance guide where we have included some of the most common requirements for resin applications and selected the resin from our ranges that will work best for you. Visit our resin product pages for more detailed information on each resin.

Whichever resin ticks the most of your requirements is the resin we would recommend! 

For beginners we recommend our Apex Resin® as a good all rounder Epoxy Resin. This resin is a good all purpose resin so you can try out many projects. Has an easy 1:1 mix ratio by volume and a good working time so you can get to grips with your new hobby : )

       Resin Guide               Shop Resin

This is just a guide. If you are still confused, don’t worry, we get it and have all been there! We are at the end of an email, just contact us using our contact form and we will work it out together :)


We hope you enjoy using our resin for your next project! We are super proud that we have been awarded Resin Art Specialists of the Year. Our resins are created with the latest unique materials to ensure professional results for art and to guarantee it is the best epoxy resin that you have ever tried! But don't just take our word for it, take a look at our reviews! :) 

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