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Frequently Asked Questions

For our Epoxy Resin Frequently Asked Questions please click here

I am new to Resin Art, which products do you recommend for a beginner?

We offer 600ml epoxy resin kit sizes, these are perfect for beginners to try out our resin and experience the exceptional results they can create. We recommend our Apex Resin® All Purpose as a good option to try first as this is a good all rounder resin for most projects. We also offer resin mixing kits perfect for mixing ready to pour, make tidy up easy and can be used over and over again! Plus Essential Pigment, Glitter and Resin Dye Sets packed full of a range of essential colours to get you started. Our Resin Edges Metallic Pen Sets make finishing coasters edges and drawling geode lines a breeze! Once you are feeling more confident, our other product ranges provide more advanced materials to experiment with including crystal embellishments, Wave Cast, floating pigments and much more! For inspiration and advice, visit our social media and You Tube channel for tutorials using these products. 

What is the difference between a pigment powder, pigment paste and resin dye?

A pigment powder is a dry powder and usually creates more translucent, rippled effects in the finished resin. As the resin cures, the pigment powder and resin moves and creates some exciting effects. The more you use this medium, the more you can experiment with some of the effects that can be achieved. 

A pigment paste is a liquid pigment and usually creates more opaque results, a little goes a long way as our pastes are highly pigmented and only a small amount can create vivid results. Pastes are perfect to create cells and lacing, our supreme white paste when used in artwork can be moved with a heat gun to create cells and waves with no additional products needed.

Our resin dyes are formulated to create a translucent effect and so are a useful alternative to a pigment paste as they can achieve a translucent effect in your art when desired. They are not an alcohol ink and so can be shipped safely worldwide. Our dyes are a highly pigmented liquid dye for use in resin. A little goes a long way so you can achieve a colourful effect with only a drop or two in resin or a deeper colour if more is added. They can be mixed and matched to experiment with colour and the addition of the pristine white to any of our shades will add a more opaque effect if you choose to. They are a very versatile medium!

When mixing any pigment into resin, never use more than 10% pigment by weight ratio to resin.

For more advice on this, visit our Epoxy Resin FAQ section using the link at the top of the page.

Which resin is best for my project?

For detailed advice on our resin ranges visit Which resin is best for my project?

My Resin or Pigment Paste has crystallised and is hard?

All (Part A) Resins and Pigment Pastes can be affected by the cold, they just don’t like it (I know how they feel!) This can cause either the resin or pigment paste to crystallise and become hard. Both are easily sorted :) We always recommended to pre-warm your Part A Resin (Never the Hardener) in a warm, but not boiling water bath before mixing with the hardener. This will return it to a runny state if it has crystallised and bring it back to a good temperature. Pre-warming the resin is always recommended to reduce bubbles. If you are having a hard time with bubbles, this is usually the step you are missing out! To return your paste to a runny state, place it on a warm radiator or in a water bath as above and stir intermittently. The paste will return to normal and produce perfect results: )

How do I colour Eco Pour?

We have the perfect colourants to colour your Eco Pour! Our Eco Pour pigments have been specifically formulated to create vivid, striking colours in our Eco Pour Casting Powder. They are anti fade and heat stable ensuring your project will stand the test of time. You can find them here - Eco Pour Pigments

How can your Eco Pour be sealed?

Eco Pour can be sealed to prevent staining, water penetration and for outdoor use using our Eco Pour Sealer. We have a step to step guide to sealing and making eco pour waterproof. You can read this here - How do I seal Eco Pour?

For more information about this product visit Eco Pour

How do I sign up for your Newsletter?

Our newsletter subscribers benefit from exclusive discounts, treats, early product launch notifications, resin art tips and tricks and automatic enrolment into our VIP scheme once eligible. So what are you waiting for! You can sign up to our newsletter on the main homepage of our website by scrolling down towards the bottom or sign up using this link Sign me up! Once you have completed the form with your email address, make sure to look out for an email to confirm your subscription and you should receive an email with a discount code to use on your first order. 

Do you offer discounts?

Sign up to our newsletter using the information above for access to exclusive discounts, offers, treats and access to our VIP scheme. We advertise discounts on our website and on our social media. Follow @just4youonlineuk to be updated about our new products and discounts codes as soon as they are available.

We love to reward our loyal customers so sign up to our loyalty scheme to earn Just4you spends and benefit from great savings on your orders! There are lots of ways to earn points. 

Please note if a discount code is not used at the time of placing an order, we are unable to redeem this after the order has been placed. If you are struggling to redeem a discount code. Please contact us, we will be happy to help. 

Sale items and Resin Art Classes are usually not included in discount codes or other promotions. However, loyalty points can be redeemed on these items.

How do I redeem my loyalty points?

You can sign up to our loyalty scheme on our website by creating an account on our site or clicking the loyalty scheme tab at the bottom left of our homepage. Each time you place an order, if you are logged into your account, you will gain points that can be redeemed for discounts on future orders and even earn points on your birthday! To redeem your points, log on to your account on our site and click the loyalty scheme tab. In the section labelled ‘redeem’ you will find a total of the points you have gained. Once ‘redeem’ is clicked you should receive an email with a unique code to use at checkout, this should be placed in the discount code box at checkout where the total price will be reduced. If you have any issues please contact us using the contact form and we will be happy to help. 

When will my order arrive?

Once a purchase is made you will receive an email with detailed information about how to track the progress of your order from packing through to dispatch. Including when we have picked your products, packed them in the box and passed them to the courier! Check your inbox for your order confirmation email and details on the progress of your order and how to track this. For detailed delivery information visit our delivery information page. 

Will I need to pay customs fees on my international order?

Taxes, duties and clearance fees may be due on goods sent to international destinations including countries in the EU from this website. These may be requested by the courier to be paid prior to your order being delivered. As those taxes are payable in your country to receive the goods, we deduct all taxes from your order at our checkout. 

Do you stock your products in store or internationally?

For an up to date list of our current stockists please visit our Stockists page and we are always on the look out for how we can make our products more accessible in your country. 

Are your products Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free?

Yes! We love art and craft, but we love animals more! At Just4youonlineUK we offer only the highest quality products that don't compromise on our love for our furry friends. Plus our cat Maggie would never forgive us! :) All of our products are vegan friendly and cruelty free. Look out for the badge on our product pages. 

How are you working to help the environment? 

We offset the carbon emissions on every order we ship plus more initiatives. To find out more about our work to minimise our impact on the environment Click to visit our Environment and Sustainability page

If you could not find the answer to your question on this page then please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form on the website, the majority of emails are answered within the hour. 

We are always happy to help. 

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