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Environment and Sustainability

Just4youonlineUK Environment and Sustainability

Invest in the planet with your purchase and reduce the environmental impact of your deliveries for free. No matter how far your delivery travels or how many purchases you make!

Check out on our website using Shop Pay or any other payment method and help plant trees (It's that easy!) As the trees grow, they’ll remove enough CO₂ to offset deliveries. 

We use Shop Pay and work with Offset. Every month, the total emissions generated by our shipped orders are calculated, that number becomes our monthly Offset cost. Our Offset payments go towards forest protection initiatives and contribute to certified projects, complying with the best-in-class carbon offset protocols and standards, some examples of the projects they are working on can be found below. 

Just4youonlineUK Eco Friendly Initiatives

WeForest is an international non-profit organization, working to fund the restoration of 1,000 hectares of mangroves. Their goal is to plant 4.6 million mangrove trees by 2022. Planting trees helps us create a low-carbon future, and be an active participant in building for the long term. New trees may take years to grow, but like their long-term vision, once developed, they're proven to provide environmental, economic and social benefits. This initiative will be certified by the Voluntary Carbon Standard and the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standard.

As a part of the Casamance project, the local population in Senegal, Africa, work with WeForest to plant 6 species of mangroves. Mangroves are made up of trees and shrubs that are specially adapted to live in salty, tidal water, and have the ability to capture and store large amounts of carbon dioxide. This initiative will increase forest cover, boost fish stocks and shellfish populations, as well as create sustainable harvesting opportunities that will provide regular incomes to the local fishing communities.

Over the next 30 years, the mangroves are expected to capture 219,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, offsetting the carbon dioxide produced by deliveries made in 2021 and 2022. 
Pachama protected 123.6m at-risk trees in the Peruvian rainforest. Known as the carbon sink, this forest captures and stores a high amount of human-produced CO₂. By protecting it from deforestation, that CO₂ is prevented from re-entering the atmosphere.

How are carbon offsets calculated?

The carbon dioxide emitted from the delivery of orders is calculated, those emissions are translated into the number of trees needed to plant to capture the amount of carbon dioxide from the air as the trees grow.
The emissions are estimated based on transportation method, package weight, and delivery distance:
  • Transportation method - The speed of the delivery based on the time between checkpoints and the most logical transportation method between long flight, short flight, or truck. Each transportation method is associated with a different level of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Package weight - The measured weight of a package is used when it’s available, if it’s not, an average shipment weight is used.
  • Delivery distance - The shipping address, delivery address, and any checkpoints in between are used to estimate the distance that the delivery travels, the haversine formula is used to calculate the distance between pairs of latitudinal and longitudinal points.

What else are we doing?

  • Our outer cardboard delivery boxes and the protective packaging inside can be recycled. Reuse the cardboard box to protect your artwork from dust, as a container or recycle them! 
  • Any plastic air sacs used in our deliveries are made from recycled PET
  • We use recycled plastic for the packaging of our products wherever possible and this packaging can also be recycled by you at home.
  • We have designed a range of silicone measuring and mixing tools that can be reused time and time again and offer a more environmentally friendly way of mixing for your artwork by reducing the need for plastic alternatives. 

Just4youonlineUK Eco Friendly and Sustainability

If you have any questions or ideas about our environment initiatives then please let us know using the contact form on our website.

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