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Resin Class - Christmas Craft, Home Decor and Decorations

Christmas Resin Craft and Home Decor

Resin Art Class - Recorded Online Lessons

You will not want to miss this unique opportunity to learn a huge range of resin art techniques and create your own stunning Christmas decorations, resin clock, candle and coasters plus more beautiful home decor.


Resin Clock Class

In this extensive course you will learn the following techniques to prepare your home for Christmas, create stunning gifts or boost your craft business sales this season. 

Also featuring activities that are created without the use of resin so family and children can enjoy crafting with you too!

You will create: 

  • A wooden serving set (board and cup holders) with a beautiful winter landscape.
  • A wide variety of Christmas tree decorations from various materials and varying complexity.
  • Decorations made from natural wood without the use of resin (which makes them easy to create, even with children)
  • Epoxy resin decorations using dried flowers and photographs on natural wood, using resin. 
  • A resin clock to unleash your creativity and learn the step by step process of creating the clock and attaching the clock hands and mechanism.
  • An atmospheric Christmas candle using cinnamon sticks and dried flowers, without using resin. This lesson is perfect for crafting with kids. 
  • A tray and coasters with a lively, embossed edge with unique shape for a stylish Christmas table setting.
Resin Clock Class

Join Alina (@monnavia.artist) and have fun creating plus enhance your resin art skills in the comfort of your own home. Alina is an experienced and talented Resin Artist from Ukraine with a strong following on her social media accounts and a strong customer base for her creations. Loved for her creativity and trend setting designs. 

A message from Alina... 

I am an artist by education, but this is not the main thing in working with resin, absolutely everyone can learn this art. I will be happy to introduce you to the world of Resin Art - a boundless space for creativity, in which there is a lot of beauty and the unknown! Ready? An exciting journey awaits us.


Resin Clock Class


After purchase a link will be emailed to you to gain access to the class via Instagram. The class is in English and available for you to watch 24/7 and as many times as you wish. Can be accessed worldwide. 

*PLUS You will receive an exclusive 20% discount to stock up on supplies from our website to prepare you for the class : ) *


Resin Clock Class


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