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How Durable is Eco Pour? Can you drill it?

Eco Pour - The Drill Test

Let's see if Eco Pour is durable...

We loved watching Tracey from @miniscenesgb on You Tube put our Eco Pour through it's paces. Tracey tested drilling Eco Pour on a very small, fragile section to see if it was durable. 

Watch the clip below to find out how she gets on, will it break? 🫣

Eco Pour® H2O is an environmentally friendly, non toxic, water activated casting powder. No harsh chemicals or solvents. Just add water and pour!
Create beautiful cement textured or smooth well known home decor trinkets such as coasters, bowls, vases, trays, soap dishes, jewellery, candles or more - the possibilities are endless!
Now with a new whiter, smoother, less bubble formula and longer working time!
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