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Apex Resin® Deep Cast

Resin Top Tips 

Thank you so much to the lovely Lou from Create & Bloom for her Apex Resin Deep Cast top tips!

Deep Cast Resin top Tips

Why Choose Apex Resin Deep Cast?

Our Apex Resins are at the top of their game for resin art, we didn’t call them Apex for nothing! :)

Apex Resin® Deep Cast is a crystal clear, high gloss epoxy resin specifically designed for deeper pours and castings. Thanks to its advanced anti-yellowing technology, low heat generation and bubble free formula. It is perfect for river tables, wood turning, flower or keepsake preservation, jewellery, encapsulations and all other casting or deep pour applications you can think of!

With a high heat resistance up to 120°C, pouring thickness of up to 30cm, long working time and fast cure time, it makes pouring deeper castings a breeze! Leaving a water clear, non scratch, UV resistant, durable finish.

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