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Which epoxy resin should I choose?

Which Apex resin should I choose?

Which apex resin should I choose need?
Lots of questions asking what the differences and similarities are between the Apex resin and Apex One Coat. So I’ve listed them all below ❤️ ⬇️ xxxx #just4youonlineuk #apexresin
💜 Apex Resin
⭐️ Super heat resistant to 100 degrees c
⭐️ Touch dry in 16-20 hrs, full cure 24 hours and full benefits 1-2 days (so more waiting for days before you can get your orders to your customers 🤗
⭐️ Low Viscosity
⭐️ Can be poured shallow/deep 0.5mm -30mm
⭐️ 1:1
⭐️ UV resistant
⭐️ 60 minutes working time
⭐️ Best for beginners - all rounder.
⭐️ Geode, Ocean, abstract art
⭐️ Resin coasters and trays
⭐️ Worktops and flooring
⭐️ Jewellery
⭐️ Castings
⭐️ Coatings and clear top coats
⭐️ Removes bubbles itself
⭐️ Crystal clear

💚 Apex One Coat
⭐️ One of the highest heat resistant resins on the market at 120 degrees C ☺️
⭐️ Touch dry in 2 hrs, full cure 24 hours and full benefits 3 days so orders can fly out of your door 🚀
⭐️ Highest Viscosity, ensuring only one coat is needed!
⭐️ Can be poured 0.5mm to 30mm
⭐️ Extreme durability
⭐️ 1:1
⭐️ UV resistant
⭐️ 40 minutes working time
⭐️ Geode, ocean and abstract art
⭐️ Jewellery
⭐️ Coatings and clear top coats
⭐️ Doming
⭐️ Removes bubbles itself

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Phew! Hope that helps guys ❤️❤️
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