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What is Eco Pour?

Eco Pour® H2O - Just Add Water

Tricks and Tips

What is Eco Pour?

Eco Resin

Eco Pour® H2O is an environmentally friendly, non toxic, water activated casting powder. No harsh chemicals or solvents.

This revolutionary casting powder is unique as it consists of just one component - (a powder) You then simply add water to create a pouring medium that cures with a smooth, ceramic textured finish. It is safe to be used without PPE and suitable for children aged 10 years + with supervision. Just add water and pour! 

As Eco Pour has been created specifically for casting artwork and home decor trinkets, it provides sufficient working time, strong durability and a smooth finished surface for your creations. The possibilities are endless!

Eco Pour is designed to have a ceramic textured finish so it doesn't dry clear like Epoxy Resin but it can be sealed with a clear coat if you prefer a shiny result plus it can be used alongside resin. 

Eco Pour Tricks and Tips

Thank you so much to Resin Artist Meg for this week's blog post with her Eco Pour Tips and Tricks!

Mixing Eco Pour

Eco Pour

"The details of the Eco Pour H20 package states 100g powder and 35g water mix ratios but what I found totally amazing about this product is you can adjust the consistency buy adding more water to thin out the mixture or add more powder to thicken it up which means you can’t go wrong! I have poured Eco Pour H20 into my moulds with a really thick consistency and a really thin consistency and it always dries and turns out perfectly!" 

Air Bubble Tips

Eco Resin

"Eco Pour H20s formula is so clever, the air bubbles come to the surface and pop naturally, however I like to give the sides of the mould a little tap. I get my finger under the bottle of the mould and flick my finger allowing the mould to tap down onto the table allowing any air bubbles that might be trapped to release. Since using Eco Pour H20 I haven’t been left with any air bubbles in my finished art pieces."


Gold Cracks Tip

"Eco Pour H20 dries an opaque stone white colour and can be combined with different Pigments, Glitters and Gold Leaf.

I have a top tip for creating cracks using Gold Leaf which turns out stunning!

Firstly, I placed down gold leaf onto my mould where I wanted the gold cracks to form. Next, I poured over my Eco Pour H20 mix (I mixed in a chocolate brown pigment to create the marble stone colour) and waited for it to dry, this took around 90 Minutes to fully harden. When taking it out the mould the Gold Leaf has left enough of a gap between the mould and the Eco Pour H20 and has created a cracked stone look. I then brushed away any excess gold, waxed it with Bees Wax and left to dry. See photos below for the finished results."

Meg x

Eco Resin Eco Pour
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