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What do I need for resin art?

This is one of the most popular questions we get 😀 Here are the main products that we feel would be a great starting place for resin art 😊
Of course epoxy resin is the main product! Without this! There is no resin art 😂  In our experience resin beginners tend to start with coasters, so for this reason we recommend our Premium Heat resist epoxy resin. This also has a long working time, giving you plenty of time to put everything you want to do into action :) 

Now for a silicone mould that is easy to use and unmold :) Our Agate round moulds are perfect and very popular with beginners.
For colouring, the most popular ways are glitters, pigment powders and epoxy pastes. If you are looking for an opaque effect, epoxy pastes are best. If you are looking for a shimmery look then it’s pearl pigments :)
Mixing Tools including a table protection mat :) Resin buddy kit and extra large silicone mat.
Gloves, goggles and respirator. Also a heat gun for bubbles that rise as the resin is curing or you can use a top secret method of spraying your work with 91% isopropyl alcohol and bubbles will disappear in a flash 😊 To manipulate patterns, you can use a hairdryer :) Also finally a clean cardboard box to cover your work to protect it from dust whilst curing. That’s it! Have fun. Please tag us @just4youonlineuk on any social media so that we can see. For further help, please email 
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