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Epoxy resin heat resistant 1:1 premium heat resist resin art artist tutorials how to mix use pour rid of bubbles crystal clear

How heat resistant is our Premium Heat Resist Epoxy Resin? Watch video to find out 🤗

Premium Heat Resist Epoxy Resin 

Video of heat experiment on Premium Heat Resist

Hope you have all had a good Monday 😘
Another heat experiment with a resin place mat created using our Premium Heat Resist Epoxy Resin 🥳, Freeform Geode Mould and glitters 🤗 click link above to watch video xx
Boiling hot water in a metal pan and sat on place mat for 3 minutes!! 💃🏻💃🏻Place Mat has been curing for just 5 days!! www.just4youonlineuk.com ❤️ 
☀️ASTM Certified non-hazardous and non toxic, no VOCs
☀️Offers the highest UV resistance on the market for non-yellowing and protection of your artwork.
☀️Self levelling
☀️Long working time of approx 90 minutes
☀️Non flammable
☀️Durable, tough and non scratching
☀️Odour Free
☀️Perfect for coating paintings with acrylic paint, oil paint and watercolour paints
☀️Due to the longer working time and viscosity it is perfect for tabletops, bar counters, kitchen worktops and epoxy floor applications.
☀️Due to high heat resistance, perfect for coaster making
☀️Crystal and optically clear, high gloss finish
☀️Suitable for use as a food safe coating but not as a cutting/food preparation surface.


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