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Premium Heat Resistant Epoxy Resin 3kg Kit for Countertop Epoxy Worktop Bar Surface Coasters
Premium Heat Resist Resin Just4youonlineUK Epoxy Resin Art Craft
Premium Heat Resist Epoxy Resin 3kg Kit for Countertop Epoxy Worktop Flooring Coasters Just4youonlineUK Supplier
Load image into Gallery viewer, Premium Heat Resistant Epoxy Resin 3kg Kit for Countertop Epoxy Worktop Bar Surface Coasters
Load image into Gallery viewer, Premium Heat Resist Resin Just4youonlineUK Epoxy Resin Art Craft
Load image into Gallery viewer, Premium Heat Resist Epoxy Resin 3kg Kit for Countertop Epoxy Worktop Flooring Coasters Just4youonlineUK Supplier

Premium Heat Resist Epoxy Resin 3kg Kit

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Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free

Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin with high heat resistance and high gloss finish, perfect for Resin Art coating, coasters, tabletops, bar counters and kitchen worktops

3kg Kit (2kg Resin and 1kg Hardener) 


  • ASTM Certified non-hazardous and non toxic, no VOCs
  • Offers the highest UV resistance on the market for non-yellowing and protection of your artwork. 
  • Easy 2:1 mixing ratio by volume and weight
  • Self levelling
  • Long working time of approx 90 minutes 
  • Non flammable
  • Durable, tough and non scratching
  • Odour Free
  • Perfect for coating paintings with acrylic paint, oil paint and watercolour paints
  • Due to the longer working time and viscosity it is perfect for tabletops, bar counters, kitchen worktops and epoxy floor applications.
  • Due to high heat resistance, perfect for coaster making
  • Crystal and optically clear, high gloss finish
  • Suitable for use as a food safe coating but not as a cutting/food preparation surface.

Mix Ratio

Always follow mixing instructions carefully to ensure accurate results any changes in ratio will affect the resin properties. 

Mix for 3-4 minutes

2:1 by weight and volume - 100 parts Resin to 50 parts Hardener for example (100g Resin to 50g Hardener) or (100ml Resin to 50ml Hardener)

Epoxy heats up faster in larger quantities, so only mix the amount needed for use within the working time.

If working in colder conditions, pre warm the Part A Resin in warm (not boiling) water and keep the room temperature consistent whilst curing. 

Heat resistance

90°C (194°F) Requires a total of 14-21 days to reach maximum cure and heat resistant properties. The addition of resin additives such as inks, pigments, pastes etc can reduce the heat resistance, we recommend applying a clear top coat to ensure full heat resistance. 


Work time - 1.5 to 2 hours at 20°C (mixed 250g) 1.5 hours at 20°C (mixed 500g) 

Cure time - Touch dry in 24 hours at 20°C, full cure and heat resistance in 14-21 days.

Coverage- Applied 0.5mm thick per 0.5 litre of mixed resin = 1m2  

Shelf life - 1 year in sealed containers

Please note it is your responsibility to read all health and safety instructions before using this product. 


Our resins have been formulated with the most up to date epoxy resin chemicals and technology and with safety in mind. Our Resin is safe for home use (when used as directed)

As with all Resins, it is important that you read the safety precautions associated with our product carefully before use and contact us if you have any questions.

  • Always wear nitrile gloves
  • Wear a respirator when sanding partially cured resin 
  • Work in a well ventilated room
  • Although a respirator is essential when sanding partially cured resin, we also recommend the use of one whenever working with resin for complete protection, especially when additives such as inks, paints, pigments have been added to resin
  • Wear safety goggles
  • Avoid skin contact, if contact occurs-wash with soap and water
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke while working
  • In case of eye contamination wash with plenty of water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice immediately.
  • If alcohol inks have been used, do not use a flame as alcohol is flammable

Premium Heat Resist - Instruction Sheet

Premium Heat Resist - Safety Data Sheet

For Frequently asked questions expand the tab below.

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Which resin should I choose?

Use our handy table to help - Which Resin Should I choose?

We recommend our Premium Epoxy Resin as a good all rounder Epoxy Resin and suitable for most projects such as clear coating artwork, Resin Art, Coasters, Painting and a great choice for Jewellery making due to its higher viscosity and faster cure time, which also makes it perfect for pouring in layers.

For projects that require extra high heat resistance or have a larger surface area such as bars, counters and tabletops then our Premium Heat Resist is perfect for this use due to a longer working time and higher heat resistance.

For jewellery making why not try our UV Resin that cures in 30 seconds under a UV Lamp!

What are the main differences between Premium Epoxy Resin and Premium Heat Resist?

Premium Heat Resist has a longer working time of 90 minutes so is perfect for larger projects or surface areas. Premium Epoxy Resin has a work time of up to 30 minutes perfect for artwork and coating. Premium Epoxy Resin is heat resistant to 50°C (122°F) and Premium Heat Resist is Heat resistant to 90°C (194°F) so more suitable for projects requiring particularly high heat resistance. Premium Epoxy Resin has a higher viscosity so is perfect for creating lines in artwork and for Jewellery making and can be used for coasters.

How do I mix resin?

Follow the mix ratio instructions carefully and scrape around the sides and bottom of the mixing jug to mix the resin and hardener together thoroughly. Mix slowly to reduce the incorporation of air and bubbles. Never add more hardener to make the resin set faster, this is not possible the correct ratio of resin to hardener is necessary.

How much pigment should I use?

We recommend you use our Epoxy Pigment Pastes, Dry Pigments, Glitter or Resin Dyes to colour your resin for perfect results. Never use more than 10% pigment by weight ratio to resin.

How do I create cells and lacing? 

Our Epoxy Pigment Pastes will create cells easily every time. Our Supreme White Paste creates  the perfect ocean waves or cells. The use of a heat gun to blend the edges of our Epoxy Pigment Pastes will encourage the formation of the cells. 

What is the ideal room temperature to work in when I am creating my art and leaving my work to cure?

This is 22°C for both resins. Try to ensure that your room temperature remains constant throughout, particularly during curing. Try not to leave your artwork in a draft or where the temperature will change. 

Why has my resin not cured? 

This is usually due to not mixing the resin and hardener thoroughly before use, the mixing ratio was not accurate or the resin was too cold. This can also be due to the factors mentioned in the answer above, as fluctuations in temperature can affect curing. Pouring a layer too thin can also result in your resin still being bendy. 

How should I get rid of bubbles?

Use a low speed heat gun to remove bubbles.

How much resin should I use as a Top Coat?

For our Premium Epoxy Resin we recommend up to 5mm in a layer and for our Heat Resistant up to 25mm, always ensure the below layer is touch dry before applying a top coat. A clear top coat can provide protection for your artwork and ensure the resin has its optimum heat resistance as colourants can affect this. 

How long should I wait before pouring a second layer of Resin?

Let your first coat of resin cure until it is hard, but still sticky. This sticky layer allows the second coat of resin to adhere to the first layer. Mix the resin for your second coat and apply to the first layer at this stage. If the resin has cured for longer than this time and is no longer sticky, sanding is required to create a rough surface for the second layer to adhere to. The rough surface will disappear once the second layer is applied creating a crystal clear surface. Always wear a respirator when sanding partially cured resin.

Which resin is best for Coasters?

Both of our resins can be used for coaster making as they provide enough heat resistance. Our Premium Heat Resist has an extra boost of heat resistance for when your project may require this or you would like to pour a heat resistant top coat.

Are both resins scratch proof?

Yes both of our resins are scratch proof. For projects that may need to be particularly hard wearing such as worktops etc our heat resist is particularly resistant to scratches however, both offer protection.

How long do I need to wait for the resin to be fully cured and at its optimum heat resistance? 

This is between 7-14 days depending on the resin you are using, detailed information regarding this is given on each product page. 

Are both resins non yellowing?

Yes :) our resins offer the highest UV resistance on the market

Why am I seeing a wrinkled effect in my cured resin? 

This is a tell tale sign that your resin has become too hot, either you have waited too long to pour and the resin has started to cure (it has passed it’s working time) or it has been mixed and left in a large volume for too long. Always abide by working times and break down into smaller pots if leaving for a while. 

This product in action!

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