Glitter Art Gallery

We love to see photos and videos of our glitter in action...

This gallery is just a selection of some of the many ways our glitter, pigment and crystals are used by our talented customers in the UK and Worldwide and we hope it will provide you with some glitter inspiration for your art and tips and tricks to get the most out of our products. 
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@rena.samsara created this beautiful Resin Clock using our Teal it Sparkles, Blue and White Pigments, time really would stand still staring at this beautiful piece of art.
Resin Clock with Epoxy Resin, Glitter and Pigments Mica Epoxy Resin Art Geode
@crystalconceptsart created this gorgeous pyramid using our glitters including Fine Fairy Cake Glitter and Rose Quartz from our Rebel Glitters range 
Epoxy Resin Pyramid with Glitter Silicone Moulds Molds for Resin Art Geode Agate Just4youonlineUK
@Mixmediagirl loved our Agate Silicone Moulds and created these beautiful Coasters decorated with our glitters
Agate Geode Coaster Moulds UK Supplier Glitter and Resin Art Products
Victor Baroni - @_victorbaroni_ used our Rebel Glitters to create this beautiful resin tray, packed full of sparkle for the ultimate wow factor! 
Victor Baroni Resin Artist uses our Rebel Glitters
@kscott144 used our Pigments throughout this beautiful 'Aquamarine inspired' artwork, she loves our Teal it Sparkles Pigment and Chameleon Pigments
Just4youonlineUK Glitter Pigments Epoxy Resin
@liadiadesigns created this beautiful cheeseboard with our Glitters, the peacock feathers and intricate detail make this piece so unique, what a centre piece this would make at any table!
Glitter for home decor Just4yonlineUK
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