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Our products are used by many talented resin artists, craft experts and more throughout the UK and Worldwide due to their high quality and performance for these applications.

If you are looking for inspiration and guidance on how to get the most out of our products, learn new techniques or are just starting out with your ambition to create stand out art, then look no further.

The classes we feature below are hosted by experienced artists who use our products to create their beautiful art, these range from online classes to workshops.

(Any questions or queries relating to these classes should be sent directly to the course leader)

If you are hosting a class and use our products or are interested in using our products for a future class then please get in touch using our contact form. We would love to support you!

Featured Courses


Flower Coaster Classes

Resin Starter Kit - Flower Coaster Tutorial Just4youonlineUK Epoxy Resin


Learn how to create these beautiful Resin Flower Coasters in a 1:1 online class with Resin Artist Valerie Sadiki, where Valerie will be your personal tutor and help you to master this technique! Contact her @valeriesadiki on instagram to book her class and click to purchase the Resin Starter Kit

Use code LEARN10 for 10% off any course booked with Valerie!

Contact her using the details provided above and mention this code 


Course- Aura Magnetic Method

Kathryn Beals is a self taught Canadian artist and former forester, based in California. She has an educational background in Science and uses her scientific skills and knowledge to pioneer exciting new techniques in her art work. 

Use this link to purchase any of the courses offered by Kathryn Beals

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Rebel Pigments Magentic Pigment Powder Just4youonlineUK Aura technique class   3D Magentic Pigments Just4youonlineUK Online Course

Learn to paint with resin and magnets

This truly unique painting method combines science and art. Learn a former scientist's proprietary techniques for painting with resin, using magnetic fields. Kathryn's method allows you to sculpt beautiful magnetic fields with household magnets and freeze them in resin.

This course will go over the basics of Kathryn's magnetic method, the science behind the process, and the safety and preparation steps you need to take. You will cover two projects designed to teach the basics of the method; black hole resin discs and magnetic shapes on a painting.

Materials needed to complete the course can be purchased from our site

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