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Apex Resin

Apex Resin® - Clear Casting, Coating Epoxy Resin

High Heat Resistance Epoxy with Superior Coverage and Protection for resin art

Our Apex Resin® collection is a best seller, featuring crystal clear, high gloss resins perfect for resin coasters, castings, jewellery and artwork, plus they are our most durable resins yet! Our advanced formulations ensure high heat resistance, so hot cups and plates leave no marks or traces. High UV resistance to protect your artwork and minimal bubbles when pouring, leaving a water clear, non scratch and durable finish. Apex Resin provides ultra protection and superior coverage for your resin projects.

Why choose Apex Resin®?

Apex Resin® is at the top of it’s game for resin art, we didn’t call it Apex for nothing! :) 

Choose from: 

Apex Resin® -

  • Featuring extreme clarity for a pristine, clear finish for Resin Art and minimal bubbles
  • It is a 1:1 resin with a high heat resistance and designed to create a solid, non - scratch surface.
  • Apex Resins are the most durable resin on the market so you can be confident your artwork will stand the test of time, resist yellowing and cope with cup after cup with no marks or traces!
  • Suitable for coasters, trays, geodes, table tops, jewellery and more
  • It is a good all purpose resin to take the confusion out of things (phew because who has time for that!) 

Apex Resin® One Coat -

  • Is our highest viscosity resin (it is our thickest resin) ensuring no shrinkage, even over the edges of artwork to seal and protect your work with one coat
  • Featuring a high heat resistance up to 100ºc
  • A super fast cure time - touch dry in 2 Hours
  • The most durable resin on the market for a rock solid, non scratch surface so you can seal your work with the love it deserves!
  • Use to coat, pour, cast coasters, create jewellery and more. 

With Apex Resins your work will always come out on top everytime!

If you still need some help deciding, have no fear! We have all the extra info you may need, visit the handy links below

Epoxy Resin Frequently Asked Questions

Which resin should I choose for my project?

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