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We provide High Quality, Cosmetic Certified and Solvent Resistant Glitter

Our love for glitter goes all the way back to prehistoric humans who loved stones like Mica for their sparkly properties. But glitter is just glitter right? NO so wrong! There are many types of glitter that vary in quality and material depending on the intended use. 

At Just4youonlineUK we have worked hard to ensure that the glitter we provide is not only as highly pigmented as possible so it is as eye catching and light reflecting as possible (if you purchase lots of glitter you will know that the quality of the sparkle can vary from glitter to glitter) but we have ensured that our glitter is EN71 Part 3 and FDA Compliant, it is phthalate free and solvent resistant. This means that it is made out of materials that are non-toxic and will not irritate your skin or eyes. 

Cosmetic Certified Glitter Makeup Cosmetic Glitter Eyeshadow Glitter Eyes

What is solvent resistant glitter?

This means that our glitter can withstand high temperatures and be used in many common solvents such as nail polishes, lacquers and more. Our glitter can withstand high temperatures and can be placed into solvents/ nail polishes etc. without curling, bleeding or melting so it is perfect for making your own glitter nail polish, mixing with acrylics and gel and all nail art!

Solvent Resistant Glitter For Nail Art Solvent Resistant Glitter for nails Gold Glitter Nails with solvent resistant glitter

In fact our glitter can be used for any glitter application you can think of Nail Art, Glitter Tattoos, Screen Printing for Fashion Garments, use in Glitter Paint and Wallpaper, Arts and Crafts and More! 

It is safe to be supplied to schools and nurseries and is of course Vegan Friendly! 

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