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Caring for your Silicone Moulds

Our top tips to care for your resin mould...

How do I care for my Resin Moulds to ensure they last as long as possible? 

Our moulds are made from the highest quality silicone designed for Resin Art. However, like any silicone mould, they are perishable and will eventually wear out even with the best care.

To ensure your resin moulds last as long as possible, so you can keep on creating, you can follow our top tips to extend the life of your mould...

Resin Moulds
  1. Unpack your new mould carefully as you can easily pierce or mark your new mould. 
  2. Store your mould carefully in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight by laying them on a flat surface. Avoid placing moulds on top of each other as the weight from moulds above or heat can cause bending or even result in the moulds sticking together creating marks. If you do need to pile moulds, place cardboard in between each layer. 
  3. During application, avoid excessive heat. Our Silicone Moulds are designed to withstand heat, but not excessive amounts! Heat can warp, melt and permanently damage the mould surface by fusing your artwork to the mould making it impossible to release from the mould. We recommend a heat gun rather than a torch with a naked flame. The heat gun should be passed lightly over the surface, avoiding being too close or holding in one area for too long. 
  4. When resin is mixed in large quantities the exothermic reaction required to cure the resin happens more quickly, so it is important to decant your mixed resin into smaller containers to slow the process. Pour into your mould in layers depending on the resin you are using and how deep this can be poured. If the resin is too hot, it can subject your mould to too much heat which can dull or warp your mould and your casting will be impossible to remove. Always ensure your resin has been thoroughly mixed according to the instructions with the exact amount of resin and hardener. 
  5. After use, wash your mould with warm, soapy water to remove any residue and store them carefully once completely dry. 
  6. Our moulds are designed to not require the use of a releasing agent. However, over time bending and twisting the mould as you release your casting can cause the mould to harden and this is completely typical of all silicone. A mould releasing agent may be useful to prolong the life of your mould or you may choose to use this from the beginning to reduce the bending and twisting required when releasing castings. 

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