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Our resin has been featured in the New York Post and Metro 😊

At over $10 million (7.8 million), is this the worlds most expensive advent calendar? AND guess what? It includes a piece created using our Premium epoxy resin 😃 
Christmas advent calendar featuring a resin art piece using Just4youonlineuk epoxy
This amazing calendar was created by @debbie_wingham ☺️ Debbie was commissioned to create this by a Swiss client searching for the ultimate Christmas gift for his family. It merges individual gifts with the family travel plans for the upcoming year. A country to visit for each month of the year including Dubai, New York and Disneyland! Can you imagine?! Ahh how the other half live 😂😂 For the Paris window, a Paris Chanel purse embellished in diamonds and THEN for the Milan window a dollar sign created by Debbie using our epoxy resin 🤩
Dollar sign created by Debbie Wingham using our epoxy resin Louis Vuitton and Ferrari embellishments
This is our claim to fame 😅 and we are super grateful to @debbie_wingham for contacting us to be a part of this amazing commission ❤️
If you would like to read the full article, you can find it in the New York Post or Metro xx
New York post has featured resin art supplier Just4youonlineuk from the U.K. within the most expensive advent calendar in the world
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