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Which Resin is Best for Coasters?

Which resin should you choose?

Let's talk resin coaster making...

We asked Resin Artist Laura why she loves Apex Resin One Coat for her resin coasters.

Coasters are my main seller as a resin artist and something I make almost daily. I need my coasters to be durable, as heat resistant as possible, highly shiny and have a quick cure time to fulfil demand quicker. Therefore, my absolute number one resin for this is the Apex One Coat Resin as it ticks every single box!


This resin has one of the highest heat resistance ratings I’ve seen in a resin, being able to withstand up to 100 degrees making them perfect for hot drinks. 

The resin sets with a very shiny and glossy finish and is touch dry in 2 hours - another unique feature of this product. Full cure is 3 days which is unbelievable as most resins require much longer, with some needing up to 30 days for full cure! This really reduces my turnaround time for customers which helps me to complete more orders. 

Clear epoxy resin


I then recommend pouring the mixed resin into a new pot before pouring. After pouring, allow the resin to work it’s magic at removing the bubbles itself - they literally float to the surface and many pop on their own!




After 15 minutes if there’s any tiny surface bubbles remaining I just apply a little heat or alcohol spray and they’re gone. You’re then left with the most durable, shiny coasters you could possibly hope for!

Laura x

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  • Silly question but the resin ( coloured mixed) do we only do that one too and no need for a topcoat ?

    Shabena Sheikh

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