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Lots of your favourites are now stocked back up 🤗 - Resin Art Supplies UK Just4youonlineuk

Hey peeps,
Hope you are all well 😊
We are now stocked back up on lots of your favourites including Silver and White Ignition dust to add that hit of sparkle to your resin piece. Purple opal rebel glitter flakes, popular with those wanting a colour shift aspect to their work. Easily brush onto any surface and coat with resin and check out the amazing effect! If you love the rebel glitters collection, we now have a kit that includes all of the essentials. Rose Gold glitter shards, these are super popular, shards of mirror like shine. The floating gold pigment powder! A must have! If you like these, we now sell them as a set of all colours 🤗 The chameleons, again for those colour shift effects. White, black, Iris and Twilight blue pearl pigment powders. Chunky and fine iridescent white glitter. Quartz chips and gold leaf :) Last but not least the cake stand fittings that can be purchased separately to make more gorgeous cake stands with the reusable moulds. 

Premium epoxy resin in 4kg and 2kg will be back in stock hopefully by the end of this week but if not Monday 17th Jan 2022 by the latest. The premium eco pour in 7kg back in soon (You guys tried this and loved it so now you can get this in the bigger kit. Jet black and open water blue epoxy pigment paste also back in soon 😊
Lots of exciting new products will be launching throughout 2022!! Those that we have been working on for a couple of years now and we can’t believe they are nearly ready for you guys to try and hopefully fingers crossed 🤞 love ♥️ We are constantly thinking of new unique products that will make sure your amazing work stands out from the crowd and of course brings lots of sales your way from customers looking to buy gorgeous resin art work 😘😘
If you need us for anything, you know where we are xx Love Nicola & Laura 🥰🥰
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