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How to Create the Terrazzo Effect Using Eco Pour®

 Eco Pour and the Terrazzo Effect

Thank you so much to Teodora for this fantastic blog post with her top tips to create your own terrazzo chips and step by step instructions to pour a charcuterie board.

Eco Resin
Eco Pour is an absolute game changer in the homeware industry. It has this very elegant stone/ceramic look, that is perfect for functional or decorative pieces, like candle jars, trays, clocks, coasters, just to name a few. It’s user-friendly, dries fast and is also very durable. 
One of the most important parts, for artists using Eco Pour, is the fact that it’s non toxic, it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or solvents, making it safe to use even without wearing a protective mask.
 Eco Pour Tutorial  

Without further ado, I want to share my process of making a terrazzo charcuterie board with Eco Pour. First of all, to prepare the terrazzo chips, I mix a small batch of Eco Pour powder with water and color it using pigment powders or resin dyes.

Then I spread the mixture on a plastic sheet, using a spatula or a stirring stick, until I get a thin layer, about the same thickness as store bought sliced cheese. 


Terrazzo chips

I repeat this process for every color I want to incorporate into my terrazzo effect. I let it dry for about 90 minutes.

Then I peel it off the plastic sheet and start crumbling it using my hands, creating chips of different sizes and shapes.

You can make them as small or large as you prefer.


Terrazzo Tutorial


To create the base of the charcuterie board, I mix a new batch of Eco Pour and leave it white, its natural color.

Then I incorporate the colored terrazzo chips and mix well. 


Eco Pour


I immediately pour this mixture into the mold and tap the sides of the mold using my fingers, to help release all the air bubbles. 

Eco Pour is amazing in this regard, because it releases the air bubbles very easily, leaving a smooth looking surface. I let it dry for at least 90 minutes. 


Eco Resin


One thing I like doing to ensure a flawless back to my board, without the terrazzo chips showing, is to pour an additional thin white layer of Eco Pour over the board, before unmolding it.

This helps to level the surface beautifully and gives it a crisp white look. 


Eco Pour

Once this layer is dry, I unmold the board. The chips are somewhat hidden at this point and are covered with a very thin white layer. 

To bring out the color of the chips, I sand the board using different grit sandpaper. I wet sand instead of dry sand, which means I wet the surface first.

The water acts as a lubricant, making the sanding process faster and less abrasive than dry sanding, resulting in a smoother finish. 


Eco Pour

I let the board fully cure for about 24 hours, then I seal it using a splash proof sealant.

Here’s a look at the finished terrazzo board.

Hope you find this information useful and you take a chance on the super user-friendly medium that is Eco Pour. 


Thank you so much for this fantastic tutorial Teodora, the charcuterie board is stunning!  

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