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Teacher Gift - Resin Coaster Tutorial

Full Beginner Tutorial

We love this step by step tutorial with all the tips you need to create a thoughtful, handmade gift for a teacher or teaching assistant. Thank you so much to Resin for Beginners for this fantastic blog post. You can find lots more brilliant tips and advice about all things resin on their blog page

Resin For Beginners

This epoxy resin coaster makes the perfect gift for a teacher or teaching assistant. We take you through step by step and make this cool project, easy for a beginner.

Resin Art Tutorial Coaster for Teacher Gift

Project time: 24 hours
Difficulty level: Medium

What you’ll need:

Apex Resin Apex UV Resin

  • Epoxy Resin
    We are using Apex Resin from Just4youonlineuk. They have a range of resins including high gloss, fast cure and deep pour. Their resin is low on bubbles, low odour and has a high heat resistance (essential for making coasters).

    Get your 15% off Apex Resin code at the bottom of this blog.
  • Resin Coaster Mould
    Coaster moulds are available in various shapes and sizes. Silicone moulds are best for making coasters and will add a smooth, shiny finish.

    In order to add things like stationary that we use in this project, you will need a deep coaster mould. We actually used 2.5cm deep poached egg moulds for this project as they’d been hanging around in the drawer for ages!

    If you use silicone food moulds, make sure they’re shiny on the inside. If they are not, neither will be your finish. 

  • Mixing Cups
    Use disposable plastic or reusable silicone mixing cups for mixing the resin. We like to save yogurt pots too but make sure they’re washed really well.

    If your resin is to be measured by volume, you will need marked measuring cups. If it is by weight, you’ll want a good pair of kitchen scales.

  • Stir Sticks
    Silicone stirrers are best as they are easy to clean and reusable. They can reduce bubbles too. We often use wooden lolly pop sticks too which are useful for adding colours and textures.

  • Heat Gun, lighter or isopropyl spray
    Heat guns are a quick way to remove air bubbles from the resin. Make sure it is a crafting heat gun you buy rather than a DIY heat gun as they can be too powerful and will melt moulds and damage your resin. 

    TIP = If you choose to use a heat gun. Don’t hold it too close to crayons or for too long – your resin may warm to the point that it will melt the wax (we learned this the hard way).

    Isopropyl alcohol spray is a great alternative that is less likely to cause damage to any mould or crayon and can also be used to help clean your equipment.

  • Protective equipment
    Wear gloves, safety goggles, and work in a well-ventilated area not around children or pets. 

  • Embellishments
    You can include a whole range of things for these moulds. We chose, pins, clips and crayons.

  • Text
    There’s a number of ways you can add text to resin (waterslide paper, temporary tattoos, stickers) but for this project we used permanent vinyl that was cut with a cricut joy machine. This required:
  • Permanent Vinyl
  • Cutting Mat
  • Weeding Tool
  • Transfer Tape

How to make your coaster

  • Mix your resin according to the instructions. You should be looking for a clear and streak free crystal resin. Make sure you scrape the sides and bottom of your cup or when you come to pouring, un-mixed resin could make its way in to your mould and prevent it from curing properly.
  • Take note of the working time – this is the amount of time you have after mixing before your resin will start to thicken and set.
Add a thin layer of resin
  • Fill the mould no more than 1/3 full of clear resin.
  • Let sit for 10 minutes use alcohol spray to reduce bubbles if necessary.
Add your stationary
  • Add your chosen stationary by slowly placing in to your resin. Remember, face your items so that they are facing downward (the bottom of the mould will be the top of your coaster).
  • Keep checking your project for the first 30 minutes minimum to check for bubbles and movement.
  • Covering your coasters with a microwave cover will prevent dust particles from getting in to your mould while your resin cures.
Mix and pour layer two
  • Once your first later is fully cured, you can mix and pour layer two.
  • Slowly pour your second layer, again taking care for bubbles. Use heat or isopropyl if necessary to get rid of surface bubbles.
  • Make sure you don’t rush to un-mould. Wait for the full curing time. Your resin should easily pull from the mould edges.
  • Once out of your mould – you may feel it needs a very light sand around the edges.
Add your text
  • We used the Cricut Design Space and font ‘Hello Valencia’
  • Make sure that you select ‘Attach’ and ‘Combine’ your text so that it joins the letters when cut.
  • We made our text 8.9 x 2 which fit perfectly with our coaster. Make sure you measure depending on the mould you choose and your text size.
  • We chose permanent vinyl which we cut with the circuit joy machine then weeded, and used transfer tape to move from the carrier sheet to the mould.
  • Make sure you take your time to press your vinyl smoothly on to your coaster. Any gaps could create bubbles in your top coat.

Add your top coat

  • For this coaster, we chose to use Apex UV Resin due to its speed of setting, durability and high heat resistance. You can also use Apex Resin Fast Cure for your top coat.
  • When adding UV resin, using a thin stick can help push the resin to the sides of your mould. Ensure you add enough resin to ensure you don’t get any dimples in your surface.
  • Pass a heat gun or flame over your poured UV resin to rid of any bubbles.
  • Place your coaster under a UV light. This coaster took around 6 minutes in total to set firm.

    TIP = We let our coasters sit for a few days before storing. Resin can take up to 30 days to fully cure and reach maximum durability.

Get 15% off Apex Resin at Just4youonlineuk with code: RESINFORBEGINNERS.

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