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How to make a Resin Necklace

Using Apex UV Resin

We love this step by step tutorial with all the tips you need to make your very own resin necklace. Thank you so much to Resin for Beginners for this fantastic blog post. You can find lots more brilliant tips and advice about all things resin on their blog page

Resin For Beginners

Follow our easy, step by step tutorial to make your own beautiful UV Resin Necklace. 

Apex Resin UV Jewellery

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20 minutes

What you’ll need to make a UV Resin necklace

  • UV Resin Lamp or nail curing lamp
  • Apex UV Resin
  • Jewellery Bezel
  • UV Resin Tape
  • Sellotape
  • Mica powder
  • Plastic cup
  • Wooden or silicone stick
  • Necklace chain
  • Long neck lighter or craft heat gun

Step by step guide

  1. Tape
    Take a piece of resin tape and cut it to size. Secure the tape sticky side up with some Sellotape to keep it in place.
  2. Secure your bezel
    Take your jewellery bezel and firmly press it down on your resin tape. You need to make sure it is firmly placed or you will have resin run out of the sides.
    If you are in doubt about how well it is secured, you can unstick your tape from your work surface and turn the resin tape upside down. You should not see any gaps between the bezel and your tape.
  3. Add your resin
    Add your UV apex resin to your plastic cup. You will need to ensure you have enough to fill your bezel but don’t worry if you run a little short – you can always make up some more.
  4. Add your colour
    Mix in a small amount of mica powder. Don’t be tempted to add too much or it might not set properly.
    Ensure the powder is fully mixed in to your resin and there are no lumps or clumps of mica.
  5. Pour
    Use your stick, slowly scoop small amounts of your resin in to your bezel. Make sure your resin is touching all edges of your mould. You may need a toothpick for finer shapes.
    If your mould is a little deeper, you might want to do two layers of UV resin as thicker shapes will take much longer to cure and its often difficult to see if they have set right through.
  6. Settle
    Let your resin settle for a few minutes to allow any bubbles to come to the surface. You can pop bubbles with a toothpick or gently move a long neck lighter or crafting heat gun over your piece, just for a few seconds and then let settle for a minute again.
  7. Cure
    Place your UV light over your piece. Your light will come with it’s own instructions and there are different strengths of lights out of there. It should be at least a 36W lamp. I set my lamp to be on for 120 seconds at a time.
    You may need to have your light run 2-3 times, this will depend on the size of your piece. You can check if your piece is cured by gently pressing with your stick.
  8. Top coat
    Once your happy with your base, add a clear top coat of UV resin and set again with your UV light.
  9. Cure bottom
    As a extra step, I like to keep my bezel on the tape and turn it over and hold it under the light for another 2 minutes. Just to be certain that it has set right through.
  10. Remove
    Now you can take your bezel off your tape. Try doing this slowly to ensure you don’t have any resin sticking to your resin. If this does happen though, don’t worry – it should be quite easy to take off and if you have any sticky residue then you can use some isopropyl alcohol.
  11. Finish
    Finally, you can thread your chain in to your charm and enjoy your piece.

Thank you so much for this fantastic tutorial. Find lots more tips at  Resin For Beginners

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