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The Full Glitter Range

Glitter that caters for all applications, party makeup, nails and craft.


Bulk glitter discounts available, please contact us at  

Glitter size in inches Glitter size in mm
Fine 0.008" 0.2mm
Large fine 0.015" 0.4mm
Chunky 0.040" 1mm
Extra chunky 0.083" 2mm


A range of colours including our very own unique shades in various sizes including the popular chunky glitter range. Vegan friendly, heat and solvent resistant, cruelty free and suitable for various applications including Nail Art, Arts and Craft, Resin Art, Wine Glass Decoration, Candle Making, Glitter Paint and more. 

As well as our Polyester Glitter Range we have a biodegradable glitter range that is certified cosmetic and offers a range of unique colors. 

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